The point the villas are located has many advantages that will satisfy every expectation:


Privacy is a privilege hard to find throughout the Caldera due to its special morphology. At Hyperion Oia Suites we have ensured that you enjoy the view and the large outdoor spaces in privacy. There is no shared space in order for you to enjoy high standard services and facilities without having to encounter many people if you don’t want to. At the same time, our staff is characterized by the utmost discretion, so that you will never be bothered. However, there will always be someone there to provide you with everything you may need!

Unique view

Being our visitor, you have panoramic and unblocked view of the famous sunset of Oia, the Aegean Sea, Thirasia and Caldera. Just below your spacious balcony you have also a unique view to Ammoudi Bay. The point the villas are located is perfect to enjoy the sun diving directly into the sea.

Quiet and easily accessible location, a breath away from Oia’s center

Access to Hyperion Oia Suites is easy as the visitor has to walk only a few meters from the last accessible by car point. At the same time, the villas location is the quietest in Oia, near Garbini Windmills, but also a 5-minute walk from its center where all cafes, restaurants and shops are. They are strategically built at the quietest area of Oia providing tranquility and privacy but close enough to feel its vibrant pulse. Besides, it is commonly known that thousands of people are crowded in the narrow alleys of Oia every day at the same hour to watch the spectacle of the sunset, risking not to do so because of the crowd. Watching one of the world’s most breathtaking sunsets is an once in a lifetime experience. But you will be enchanted if you live it unobstructed in the peace and relaxation that our space will offer you.

Excellent services

If you want to come and see one of the most amazing places on earth, do it in the most luxurious way possible! Our facilities and staff will assure you a journey hard to forget!


Hyperion was an all-powerful Titan, child of Earth and Uranus, brother of the Ocean. His children were Sun, Moon and Dawn. Hyperion used to watch their heavenly play, dwelling among his parents and brothers. Sounds magnificent? Hyperion Oia Suites is set in a fascinating mix of land, sea and sky, bathed in the Greek light. Our villas, Helios Exclusive Pool Villa and Selini Honeymoon Villa, built on the Caldera, provide the feeling of hanging over the sea, gazing the sunrise and the sunset from above. They are state-of-the-art and luxurious, since they were created to offer high quality services at one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan destinations. On the top of that, the villas provide privacy due to its outdoors’ formation and tranquility. And the heart of Oia’s center beats just a few minutes away… As for the view? It’s so unusual it moves you and so out of this world it takes your breath away! It’s like the natural becomes supernatural and if you close your eyes, you may feel around you the imprint of Hyperion’s titanic aura…