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About us



The point the villas are located has many advantages that will satisfy every expectation:


Privacy is a privilege hard to find throughout the Caldera due to its special morphology…


Oia is the most famous place in Santorini known for the amazing sunset view and its picturesque Cycladic architecture. Hyperion Oia Suites is situated at a quiet point of Oia a breath away from its vibrant center…

Unique view:

Being our visitor, you have panoramic and unblocked view of the famous sunset of Oia, the Aegean Sea, masterarbeit schreiben lassen Thirasia, Caldera and Ammoudi bay…

Easy access:

Access to Hyperion Oia Suites is easy as the visitor has to walk only a few meters from ghostwriter bachelorarbeit the last accessible by car point…

Excellent services:

If you want to come and see one of the most amazing places on earth, hausarbeit schreiben lassen preise do it in the most luxurious way possible…

Explore our Villas



The interior fine art design of this superb cave two bedroom Pool Villa includes the ultimate value of space, flirting with the lights and shadows of ancient Greece. The almost spiritual shapes of the walls, the white marbles and the golden details, offer you a luxurious environment in ancient simplicity with all modern facilities. Dive into your own large heated outdoor cave swimming pool with hydro-massage and excite your senses. Walk into your balcony for enjoying the breathtaking views of Caldera, Aegean sea and unparalleled Santorini direct sunset views.



The Honeymoon Villa was especially designed for the most romantic time of your life in mind, your Honeymoon. Located at the original site where the movie “Summer Lovers” was filmed, guests are bound to feel like stars as they enjoy their fantasy holidays. Enjoy the breathtaking three angle view from your large balcony and celebrate the direct sunset view while you soak in your outdoor Jacuzzi, the prime sunset viewing location.

Our Services

Hyperion Oia Suites is the ultimate destination to get the most out of your trip to Santorini. From the moment your feet touch the ground, we will take care of everything you need. And at your departure you can be sure you’ll carry the most beautiful memories!

& entertainment

Let the island seduce your senses with unique experiences combining Sky, Sea and Earth.

About Santorini

What could one say about Santorini? Anyone who has ever visited this island can not give in words what he felt when he first encountered the majestic cliff’s edge, the famous Caldera Ghostwriter. Even the most beautiful photo can’t make you feel visitors’ awe when they see the unique beauty of the amazing Oia’s sunset… And the most descriptive documentary will never carry the smell and the sense of strolling along the picturesque streets of the island with the white walls and the blue doors… The truth is we could be very analytical “About Santorini” but we can’t see the way to fit so much blue and so much light into a simple narrative. How can you feel the crystal clear waters embracing your body if you don’t dive to the bottom of the sea and how can you feel sun’s warmth if your fingers don’t touch the sand? How to shiver with the cool breeze of the dusk in the old harbor and dazzle with the Santorinian sweet, famous wine without dining under the island’s lights? And how can you remain speechless with the volcanic land if you don’t get to walk on it?

Santorini has its own myth. No one leaves this place feeling the same and no one can describe it even with the most beautiful words. The island will introduce itself to all of its guests and will tell them the same story, the one we could never tell you. And you can be sure that this island always whispers something unique to the soul of each and every one…